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All you need is a 120 hour tefl certificate to start teaching and earning an income or choose a more advanced TEFL course to open up even more teaching opportunities… Start learning so you can start earning in less than 6 weeks…


First, we have to answer the question – What is a TEFL Certificate?

The name says it all – TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign language”. So, in other words, this certificate enables you to teach English to non-native English students either online or abroad. You must complete a TEFL Course in order to receive your TEFL Certificate. The TEFL certificate serves as proof that you have been trained to teach English to non-native English speakers and will be requested from you by online and oversees schools before getting accepted for a possible teaching position.


Instead of browsing for hours looking for answers to your questions about TEFL UK – I did that for you! You can have a look below at all you need to know about getting your TEFL certificate from TEFL UK in an easy question and answer format for your convenience… 

Get Qualified to Teach English with TEFL UK

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TEFL UK is an award-winning organization. Their TEFL Courses are accredited and recognized worldwide meaning you can use their Courses to teach anywhere in the world or online.


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Is TEFL UK well recommended?

Yes. More than 93% of reviewers recommend TEFL UK


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Study at your own pace from anywhere in the World with amazing online support and free job placement service.


Will I receive any Teacher Resources with TEFL UK?

You will get a FREE Lesson Planning eBook with every TEFL UK Course and lifetime access to Course Materials.


How can I take the Courses?

Study on any device – tablet, mobile, or laptop. Courses are open to anyone, from beginners to experienced teachers. You will have 24/7 access to the course material meaning you can study anytime of the day or night and from anywhere. All of their courses can be taken online.


How long does it take to complete the course?

It all depends on the course you choose to study and the amount of time you spend every day on the course material. Normally, the 120 Hour TEFL course takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete and the 240 Hour TEFL course takes approximately 8-10 weeks to complete.


What if I fail my course?

You will have 3 attempts at each module test. If you fail after 3 attempts, you can purchase a further 2 test attempts for £19 instead of having to buy the full course again. Phew!


Will I receive any support during my course?

Yes, you can chat to TEFL UK via email or on webchat (office hours UK time).


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What TEFL Courses do TEFL UK offer and how much do they cost?

(Prices below may vary due to changes in exchange rates and discounts)


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Letʻs have a look at the TEFL Courses offered:
  • 120 hour professional TEFL (Become a Highly Effective and Confident TEFL Teacher) – £99/$134
  • 140 hour combined TEFL (Combine 120 hour TEFL Course with 20 hour Teaching Practice) – £199/$271
  • 150 hour advanced TEFL (120 hour TEFL Course plus learn how to teach exam classes such as IELTS) – £179/$243
  • 170 hour combined TEFL (Combine 150 hour TEFL Course with 20 hour Teaching Practice) – £279/$380
  • 220 hour Specialist TEFL (150 hour TEFL Course plus 70 hour Business English Course) – £229/$312
  • 240 hour combined TEFL (Combine 220 Hour TEFL Course with 20 hours of Teaching Practice) – £349/$475
SPECIALIST COURSES (Gain more students and Earn more by adding these courses to your resume):
  • 70 hour Business English – £89/$121
  • 20 hour How to teach Grammar Course – £45/$61
  • 20 hour teaching English Online Course – £45/$61
  • 20 hour Teaching Practicum (Because – Practice makes Perfect) – £149/$203
Besides TEFL Courses, TEFL UK also offers online English Language Courses:
  • Improve my General English – £75/$102
  • Improve my IELTS Score (B1) – £75/$102
  • Improve my IELTS Score (B2) – £75/$102
  • Improve my Business English – £75/$102
  • Improve my Academic English – £75/$102
  • English Vocabulary Trainer – £45/$61
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What is a Specialist Course?

Itʻs a shorter course and itʻs normally an add-on to the TEFL Course. These Specialist courses will give your resume a boost, make you stand out from the TEFL crowd, increase job and freelance opportunities and you will also get higher-paid teaching jobs.


What is the 20 Hour Teaching Practicum and why do I need it?

This Teaching Practice Course is for you to gain hands-on TEFL experience and put your knowledge into practice. You will get to practice with REAL ESL STUDENTS and gain the confidence you need to start teaching English online or abroad. TEFL UK will give you an additional certificate, stating that you have achieved 20 hours of practical teaching experience. This course will give you a competitive edge regarding your interview process and job hunt.


Will TEFL UK help me in finding a TEFL Job?

They have a page filled with Online and also abroad English teaching Jobs, you can filter different locations or choose work from home.
They also have a JOBS BOARD which makes it easy to find jobs – Filter by location and duration (part-time or full time)


Does TEFL UK offer any Internships?

Looking for Internships? They have that too! Find Internships in Argentina, China, Costa Rica, India, Korea, Madagascar, Poland, USA, and Vietnam.


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Donʻt know which TEFL course to choose?

Not to worry. You can contact TEFL UK via email, telephone call, or chat on their website. Their wonderful TEFL Course advisors will be able to help you in the right direction in regards to which course to choose that will be most suitable for your requirements.


How long do I have to complete my Course with TEFL UK?

They allow 12 months to complete any of their courses.


What if I cannot complete my Course in time?

This is very unlikely but if anything unexpected happens, an extension for a further 6 months can be provided for £19


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