If you are learning Swedish and want to listen to authentic spoken Swedish, review the basics of grammar and vocabulary, and be exposed to real language as it is used in Sweden today, then Swedish Language Tutorial is the product for you. Swedish Language Tutorial is a PDF e-book that includes: a grammar and vocabulary review of Swedish that covers verb tenses, adjectives, nouns, and common topics such as family, home, work, etc., twenty-two authentic and spontaneous listening resources with transcriptions in Swedish and translations in English so you can listen and read at the same time, realia photos of public signs and menus taken in Sweden so you can see how the Swedish language is used in real life, and eighty-one mp3s (totaling one hour and 39 minutes) recorded by native speakers that correspond to the pages of the e-book for easy listening. Purchase of Swedish Language Tutorial also includes FREE lifetime updates to the e-book and mp3s!